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Posted: 25 Jun 2020, 21:17
The scope of this game.. I can't even! 8O :D

Everything We Learned Playing Cyberpunk 2077 - New Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay 4K

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Posted: 26 Jun 2020, 08:29
Oh nice! They are also doing an anime series. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners! :cool: :D

CYBERPUNK: EDGERUNNERS tells a standalone, 10-episode story about a street kid trying to survive in a technology and body modification-obsessed city of the future. Having everything to lose, he chooses to stay alive by becoming an edgerunner—a mercenary outlaw also known as a cyberpunk.

The series will premiere in 2022. ... -uADSU4Xqk

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Posted: 26 Jun 2020, 21:42

Burming Daylight can be found here for free download

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Posted: 27 Jun 2020, 10:34
DK release

Fuglekigger on Ramasjang from Set Snail Studio

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Posted: 29 Jun 2020, 23:27
So I have this side project.
Of going through all my currently 450'ish unplayed games on Steam of a 1200+ total.
Yup.. way too many! It's becoming ridiculous! XD
You know.. picking stuff up on the cheap and in bundles sometimes has that effect. :blush :rolleyes

I usually give them a few minutes for a test run to see if I feel the jive quickly or not. And count them out for the most part.

But this The Invisible Hours just hit something special.

It's not a traditional game per se. But a realtime 3D prerecorded murder mystery stage play you could say, with some added game elements. Where you are a voyeuristic spectating player unable to affect the game world. But you have the ability to rewind or fast forward time. It's really a cool and unique experience. Well written and acted. Developed by Tequila Works who did Deadlight and Rime. Both of which I have enjoyed.

Also there is VR support. The trailer doesn't really capture the experience too well. It makes it feel a bit too movie like. But it's really something else. Where you will get caught up in one story arc. Only to be teased to follow another concurrent event. Winding time back and forth to see what's going on.


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Posted: 30 Jun 2020, 22:43
DK re-release!
Car licenseplate scanning game Street Cars is now relaunched as Spot Racers. ... 2/?app=fbl

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Posted: 01 Jul 2020, 21:56
So the past still leaves a trail form a formerly Copenhagen based company with a lot of unfortunate stories in it's wake. Here about 2 years later.
This time it's our producer Anchel's story. Which is probably the worst I have heard.
I've heard some of it earlier.

Pernille's story was on DR about a year ago. ... anmark-jeg

I worked there as well for a shorter period (about a year). I never had anything remotely close to Anchel's experiences personally. But obviously I was aware that something was quite off at the top of the company. Manifesting itself in a range of ways.

The company went from indie darling to having developed the possibly worst reputation throughout the local industry. Fairly quickly.
Anchel's story probably represents the worst end of the spectrum. Not everybody was equally hit. But clearly it was a problematic working environment where people-skill and expectations was not very well tuned.
I think things took a turn for the worse around the time my contract expired and there was a lot of people let go. After some missed/canceled contracts. The belt was clearly tightened. Glad I didn't experience that.
In my time I met a lot of new awesome friends there! And worked on some pretty nice projects. Though quite chaotic and with a bit too many cooks involved due to circumstance.

I know of at least one more person who had to quit due to acute stress after my time.

The good news it that everybody affected is now in a better place. And the company in question
no longer has any local development to my knowledge.

The moral of the story.. know your company partners and the type of company they will create. Money and power comes with great responsibility.
And making games is also about creating a great psychological working environment so the people you hire can perform their best.

And finally let's not create more companies generating these type of stories.

The long tweet here:

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Posted: 02 Jul 2020, 10:48
by ZeroHero
Sad to hear these circumstances can happen in Denmark.

I sincerely hope that Pernille and Anchel's experiences are likely to be exceptions rather than the norm.
I have never worked in the Danish games industry so I do not know how common these circumstances occur but I have read from independent sources that people in general work very hard for a very low salary and crunch time is often a norm in Denmark. Hence why a lot of people stay in the industry for a relatively short time compared to other industries.

It used to be like that 10-20 years ago in games industry many places in the US and UK but they have learned by experience that burning out valuable staff is not a great idea in the long run and a healthy change of working hours has been introduced over the years. So it saddens me to hear that this can take place in Denmark, as I thought Denmark was very modernized country and workers are protected by unions (which is something we do not have here in the UK).

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Posted: 07 Jul 2020, 12:43
Yeah it doesn't look super great overall.
I'm sure their stories are broadly in the rare end of the spectrum. And quite company specific.

Sounds like you had a peak at Prosa's mini survey. ... dustry.pdf

It doesn't measure how people feel about these conditions. For some it's actually pretty ok or seen as part of the package. And will tolerate less optimal conditions, working on games. As as opposed to a more boring office gig. I guess the games industry naturally attracts a lot of "dreamers" or 'highly games-enthusiastic people'. Dreamers that sometimes get exploited sadly.

But it is not unexpected from an industry that is youngish, highly globally competitive, hit driven and not swimming in massive funding options. Also making games is in itself a creative and super complex endeavor. It's not exactly a super predictive sausage factory. That is just part of the fundamental DNA of pretty much any young creative industry. Including this one.
All games companies just doesn't have the finances (or the culture) to support better conditions even if they would. That's the most likely reality.

Also it DOESN'T mean we shouldn't strive for the best possible working conditions. And NOT burnout and mistreat people to a crisp. But words and opinions are cheap. And this should not even be needed to be said. But it happens! And it will happen again I'm sure. But at a reduced rate luckily!
Stories like these does taint the public image on the games industry in a more negative light. More than is fair probably. It is in many cases not that bad. But of cause shit happens. Also in the games industry.

One consequence for poorer working conditions is people leaving for green pastures in other industries. When their priorities change with time. As long hours and lower pay doesn't always rime so well with eg. family life.

Sadly I really don't see massive changes in trends in the nearish future. As the industry fundamentals will probably only increase in competition in the years to come.

It's very much down to what kind of conditions each individual company can provide. Larger usually means better and more stable. But not always. So the trick is to pick the company that's right for you. Not always easy to know beforehand. Neutral insider knowledge from employees is probably the best way to go for people looking to gauge the conditions of a particular company. So a little legwork and networking is probably a good idea.

Another thing is the people factor of the people managing a company. Some people out there are just sadly exploitative in nature. Not much will get through to them really. But the Danish games industry is small and rumors travels fast. And people will naturally avoid them if they know.
People sharing their stories could curb the worst tendencies. Hopefully it will have a better impact.
I for the (by far) most part, encounter really nice people in the games industry. But there will always be the bad apple here and there.

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Posted: 07 Jul 2020, 12:47
Hovgaard Games just passed the 300.000 units sold of 'Startup Company'

Awesome.. very!

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Posted: 07 Jul 2020, 13:03
UNF Game Development Camp (Ungdommens Naturvidenskabelige Forening)
Mandag d. 27. juli - fredag d. 31. juli ... 8677930491

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Posted: 07 Jul 2020, 13:28
Cosmic Top Secret is having real life game like installation at Koldkrigsmuseum Stevnsfort.
So guess it's one possible vacation trip over the summer for the family. Taking the kiddo there for a tour pretty soon.

During my time in the air force (no I didn't fly any planes) ;)
I had a tour more than 20 years ago when the fort was still militarily operational and shrouded in secrecy. ... 9365992383

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Posted: 07 Jul 2020, 13:40
Another Snapchat release from Funday Factory 'Pizza Cat'. I guess they are doing pretty ok on the platform! The traditional stores are certainly saturated. So it might just make a lot of sense betting some smallish Snatchat games for them.

More on

Also discovered they released Flip the Egg on the platform.
More on

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Posted: 07 Jul 2020, 14:08
And a quick game recommendation. Old title I know.

It doesn't look like much. But it's soooo good!

Pure local multiplayer at it's finest. Get those controllers out and play it on a big screen with friends. And it's dirt cheap for the moment.

Also there is a 'highly inspired' game in the works. 'Unspottable'. Lots of new stuff in this one. Free demo is available.

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Posted: 07 Jul 2020, 15:47
The Remarkable Story Behind Command & Conquer's Remastering | Noclip Documentary

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Posted: 07 Jul 2020, 16:37
HITMAN 3 - The End of A Journey (Developer Insights)

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Posted: 07 Jul 2020, 17:00
The Unreal Engine 4 free of the month assets is now available

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Posted: 08 Jul 2020, 12:27
Fractal based games are a rare and fascinating breed.
Also a hard beast to tackle.

The latest to pop up on my radar is Yedoma Globula. It has been in development for 3 years so far.
In the words of the creator Gregory Ivanov
I want to make a game about discovery, exploration and trailblazing. Adapting oneself and adapting the environment. I want it to be moody, atmospheric and inconceivable.

Playable demo. Name your price
Lengthy blog post

Marble Marcher from 2019 can dynamically change the fractal. But is otherwise quite simplistic in gameplay.

Free and open source

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Posted: 09 Jul 2020, 14:18
So new game based IP TV series is absolutely exploding at the moment! So that's pretty cool! :cool:

Did I miss anything?
- The Sims
- My Friend Pedro
- Fallout
- The Last of Us

Maybe IOI should do a Hitman series up and running next, with a proper studio? It wouldn't be beyond realistic comprehension.
The world of streaming TV series is certainly ripe for it. And the movies from 2007 and 2015 did pretty well I think.
The Kane & Lynch movie never materialized.

Throwing in more >PURE< speculation!! Also what will IOI do after Hitman 3? They have a new secret project in the works at the Malmö studio obviously. So that will be a thing they will focus on.
But it would seem rather strange and risky for them to drop their cash cow Hitman IP completely. I could imagine the studio was a bit fatigued working on Hitman for the last 20+ years or so. I don't think there are any of the original creators left though. ;)
None of them I met at the studio's location in Nyhavn back in 1998,1999?!? When they living of leverpostejsmadder and crunching on the very first Hitman game.
BUT! It would make sense for the studio to continue working on new Hitman IP in the future.
Thinking an online multiplayer open world type game would fit the bill? Game of a service type. Sort of Hitman meets GTA. Could be a theoretical candidate for the next installment of the Hitman franchise. Other possible candidates could surely exists as well.

Also still no news from Ultra Ultra's ECHO movie adaptation announcement in 2019. ... the-works/

But now for the latest game IP series announcements and rumors.

The Sims is getting a show ... ty-tv-show''

My Friend Pedro in the works
Image ... daptation/

Amazon is doing a Fallout show

And at HBO, The Last of Us in the works from 'Chernobyl' Creator Craig Mazin, Neil Druckmann. ... bo-tv-show

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Posted: 10 Jul 2020, 12:49
Oh Jonaz Yesterday.. what a silly theory you dumbass! 😉

Open world online multiplayer Hitman game.. really! That would never work or just be too excessive! Also the die hard fanbase would probably hate it. They are very sensitive to changes to the formula. Remember Absolution?

Hmm... What they could do is to make a realistic styled online multiplayer game. Not based on the Hitman IP. But something that would still appeal to the same fanbase they have built up over the years. And not fire up the die hard fanbase in an uproar.

With a new IP they could get away with some sort of assassin Hitman inspired multiplayer game. But not actual Hitman per se.
While still retaining a grasp of their core Hitman audience who loves the assassin fantasy. And very likely expanding to a new MP audience as well.
Perhaps a game with a focus on different classes with some interesting interplay.
Thinking VIPs protected by bodyguards and security guards. With assassins, henchmen on the other side trying to take out the VIP.
That could possibly work!? Doesn't have to be a massive open world. Just big enough to fit the gameplay.
Hitman could even guest star in it.
The new assassin protagonists would actually have to look like pretty generic NPCs to blend in the crowd for such a concept to work out to it's own best.
The VIP could be an AI that would not run off and do weird player stuff. 🤔 or have a quite strict mission script to follow for a player.

Or maybe something completely different and surprising!
But it would be a fairly theoretical safe bet for a new multiplayer focused IP.

I am more likley to belive they are working on something new and fresh.

And sorry guys for pulling shit out of my ass.. But it's super fun theorizing! Can't help it! XD

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Posted: 10 Jul 2020, 21:54
Recording Facial Animation from an iPhone X
Use the Live Link Face app, ARKit, and Live Link to capture facial animations and apply them to characters in Unreal Engine. ... index.html

AppStore link ... 1495370836

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Posted: 13 Jul 2020, 16:02
Free Watch Dogs 2.
Download U-Play/Have U-Play account.
Login here. Game will appear after a while they say. ... ward/en-GB

Also interesting how the recent decapitation of the Ubisoft Editorial team and Montreal studio head etc. will affect Ubisoft in the long run. After the recent scandals sweeping the company. Right now they must be in pretty rough waters. It will take some time for them to recover.
Doesn't seem like Ubisoft Massive in Malmö was affected directly.

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Posted: 13 Jul 2020, 21:41
And now! Allow me some more theorizing on how a (and let's call it) "HITMEN" gameplay concept could in work in theory.

>> It's a bit rough around the edges. It's also quite some time ago since I have dived into Hitman gameplay mechanics. So bear with me. << :)

**Any similarity with any current or future IOI project is purely coincidental.**

This particular concept is pretty complex in nature and more focused on stealth and diversion as opposed to a more run of the mill shooter focused concept. And probably has a more narrow target group as such. But it captures the spirit more of a multiplayer Hitman-like experience.

Also I think it's a really interesting design challenge! So it would be super fun to pen down my thoughts around a design solution.

It wouldn't be a trivial implementation or production. A lot of the tools and tech of the Glacier 2 engine would probably fit in quite well. And if anyone could pull it off. It would be IOI. But overall it would be a rather tall order and take some years in the cooker.
Obviously it would have to be prototyped, play tested and iterated extensively. Before you know if it would work in real life or not.

I have focused on the core gameplay experience. Plenty of systems should be built around it. Like in game communication.. voice chat, text chat, phrase dialog system??. And go into more detail about equipment systems, camera, combat, vehicles etc. etc. But I will try to make it fairly short and hopefully clear.

:: HITMEN Gameplay Concept ::

Overall the Hitmen concept is a team based game. Where 2 sides, Security or Hitmen is tasked with the assassination or the protection a VIP.
An attachment of bodyguards are closely guarding the VIP. The VIP is visiting various locations in the levels and performing things like talks, performances for a audience, meetings etc. all mapped out in advance.
The Hitmen team has to perform their mission before the VIP leaves the area.

Players takes control of their team's characters (AI-Avatars), already placed in the level.
Players can choose from 5 Hitmen vs. 20 Security people, Their numbers could vary depending on the level.
Each side has a range of classes to choose from. And can change class at any time. The AI-avatars of the level will have a high degree of autonomy when not controlled by a player. Technically the game could work with 1-2 players on a server. More players would be better.
A round plays out in 3 phases. The current phase goals are clearly communicated to the players.
As many as possible gameplay elements should have to be procedurally placed to give levels a high level of replayability.

Play session time 20-30 minutes per round?

Core gameplay feel keywords are:
Team work, stealth, diversion, unknown factors, discovery, tension building, timed assassination, investigation, control, authority, arrest, detention, responding, pursuit, narrow escape.

-- Hitmen Phases --
Phase #1 - Infiltration. Trying to disable security, smuggle weapons or pieces of weapons (Like a snipe rifle in multiple parts) into the inner layer of security without detection. While preparing for the eventual assassination and escape. A hacker role would have the ability to remotely control/disable various security features as doors and cameras. By bringing a laptop to a specific network room. Also Hitmen will likely try to subdue security guards and obtain their uniforms and access rights. The get access to even deeper levels of security.
During the infiltration phase, Hitmen controlled avatars might get detained and would have to spend precious time attempting to free their partners in crime. Or choose to leave them behind.
All Hitmen has a Suspect Rating. The more illegal and suspect activity they are involved in, the higher the rating.
(Possibly the Security Team should also have some sort of rating system. Or an inherent motivation to not go completely crazy shooting left and right and causing a ruckus)

Suspect Rating
- Green: Not a suspect. Can be searched.
- Yellow: Tagged for suspicious activity. Can be searched. Can be detained temporarily.
- Orange: Tagged for illegal activity. Shows up on the map. Can be searched. Can be detained permanently
- Red: Tagged for highly illegal activity. Shows up on the map/HUD. Can be searched. Lethal force is now authorized. Can be detained permanently.

Phase #2 - Assassination. When the conditions are met for the assassination. Like lethal weapons has been smuggled and assembled inside the high security zone. An assassination attempt is executed. It could in itself be a feigned attempt to lure the VIP team into a trap along the evacuation route set up earlier by the Hitmen team. More possible if the Hitmen team is able obtain evacuation plans through hacking.

Phase #3 - Exfiltration. When an assassination attempt has been successfully executed. The Hitmen team would have to escape the scene of the crime. As they will be shown as visible in the Security Teams HUD and game map and be hunted down by the Security Team.

-- Security Phases --
Phase #1 - Perimeter Security. Low level security guards armed with short range melee weapons like batons/tasers. Are manning checkpoints with metal detectors and patrolling the level. Marking and reporting suspicious activity they find. Eg. disabled cameras. And trying to spot Hitmen in the crowd. Security can pat down and disarm suspects. And have the ability to physically detain them in a detention facility or van. Or just tail suspects for further investigation. And watch for suspicious activity on the security cameras.

Phase #2 - Full Alert - Assassination attempt. When an assassination attempt on the VIP has happened, the Security team is put on full alert. And the Security Rating of the Hitmen team will increase.
If a successful attempt is carried out by the Hitmen team and the VIP is eliminated. The Security team would have to kill/detain the Hitmen team depending on their Security Rating.
Also on Full Alert. Weapon lockers will be unlocked and the rest of the Security team can equip firearms.
If the Hitmen team is unsuccessful in the assassination attempt. The VIP bodyguards of the Security team would have to evacuate the VIP to a secure location. And the rest of the Security team would have to detain/kill the Hitmen team.

Phase #3 - Apprehension/Evacuation - The rest of the game is spent evacuating the VIP and/or hunting down and preventing the Hitmen team from escaping. Likely vehicles would be available for the Security team to catch up with the Hitmen team.

At the end of the round a winning team is announced. Each team's score-bonus is counted from completed tasks in the game. Like correct apprehensions, disabled cameras, breached check points, stealth.. etc.
Security wins MASSIVELY if the VIP is able to complete his/her string of tasks unharmed.
Security wins NICE if the VIP is successfully evacuated after a failed attempt.
Security wins OK if the VIP is assassinated but has all Hitmen either detained and/or killed.
Hitmen wins MASSIVELY if the VIP is neutralized and all Hitmen is able to escape.
Hitmen wins NICE if the VIP is neutralized and at least half of the Hitmen is able to escape.
Hitmen wins OK if the VIP is neutralized and maximum of 1 Hitmen is able to escape.

The game plays out on a fairly large and comfortable size level. Probably pretty close to what traditional Hitman size maps are. Possibly large enough to afford vehicle gameplay in some cases.
The level is usually laid out in an sort of onion ring like conceptual fashion, where each layer has an increased layer of security for the Hitmen team to penetrate.
The level is dotted with randomly placed security cameras. Has multiple security check points, Security Team's weapon lockers, keycard/remote operated locked doors, exfiltration vehicle, evacuation vehicle, body disposal options, Hitmen weapon pick up points... etc.

Not sure how much the >Hitman< environment kills should be a thing in this game. As it would be likely to break the weapon smuggling gameplay. It should probably be toned down significantly or completely removed?!
Also a lot of the improvised weapons or powerful automatic weapons from the Hitman games will have to be toned down or removed as well. Clearly they shouldn't break the intended gameplay. In phase 3 of the game it would be more ok for the game to turn it into a shooter experience to some degree. But it's a balance.

:: THE MAP ::
The in-game map overview works a bit different depending on the team viewing it.
Players choose their character Avatar on the map. The non-controlled playable characters are doing their own business in the level. Until they are being controlled by a player.

- Security Team can see all locations of security cameras.
- Security Team can also see the direct feed of any camera of choosing.
- Security Team will all get alerts when a check point like eg. a metal detector goes off. With in-view overlays indicating the position of the alert.
- Security Team can also see all check points and their status.
- Security Team can always see the location of the VIP.
- Security Team can see keycard locked doors and their status.
- Security Team can see Hitmen with an orange or red Security Rating

- Hitmen Team can't see the security cameras on the map. Unless they discover the camera by navigating the level.
- Hitmen Team can't see the camera feeds. (unless a hacker hacks the camera system)
- Hitman Team can see weapon pick up locations.
- Hitmen Team can see exactly what other Hitman is carrying as a weapon or a weapon part. What other the other Hitmen are carrying is also clearly shown in the game view.

Players can place indicators on the map. Go to, scout, guard area and the like. The indicators will also show in the teams in-game HUD.

:: NPCs ::
There are generally a lot of neutral NPCs going about their own business on the level. Like staff or audience.
Visually they look like the Hitmen team. So the Security team has no way of knowing who to arrest beforehand. Unleass they move in suspicious ways and areas. Or a directly flaunting a weapon.
It is very much part of the gameplay to have the Hitmen side blend into the crowd to avoid suspicion.
The NPCs can equally be detained and searched by the Security team. Some of them are carrying normal "suspicious" items like a laptop. Which can be used for hacking by the hacker class. Bags or briefcases could also hold suspicious items as well.

:: THE VIP ::
The VIP(s) is visiting various locations on the levels and performing things like talks, performances for a audience, meetings etc. all mapped out in advance. So for the bodyguard team. It's mostly an escort mission. Hench you can assume many other classes when need be.
Not completely sure if the player should be able to take control of the VIP. It might really engaging for a small segment. Might actually be a fun gimmick to play. But could also provide the production and design with needless challenges to tackle.

Each team has a set of classes available for the players to choose from. With different sets of perks and abilities.

- Class Switching! One KEY aspect of the game design, that would solve a whole lot of design and player issues.
Is to allow for class switching at any time.
It would solve a whole lot of issues. Like players in key roles dropping out of the game. And just having too few players in a play session. And players just being bored from doing the close VIP bodyguard duty.

-- Security Team Classes --
- Bodyguard - Close bodyguards of the VIP, armed with handguns. Access to all areas. Body armor. Possible access to automatic weapons in Full Alert. Can arrest and detain Hitmen.
- Low level security - Perimeter guards, melee, taser, no body armor. Low level access. Patrols and metal detector personnel. Can arrest and detain Hitmen. Handguns possible in Full Alert.
- High level security - Guards in high secure areas, handguns, body armor, melee, ranged taser, high level access. Possible to equip automatic firearms in Full Alert.

** More undefined/unworked roles.. could probably make the game a little too complex?!**
- Surveillance/IT crew/technican - CCTV surveillance, anti hacker focus, repair electronics.
- Chief of Security - Similar to High level security. But more with a commanding role.
- VIP. Not sure if the VIP should be playable or not.

-- Hitmen Team Classes --
- Hacker - Not well versed in shooting or hand to hand combat. But can take control of CCTV systems. Electrical security doors etc. If the hacker is able to access physical Network rooms. The hacker would have to get some help from other classes to get in a useful position. Also expert in disabling electronics through more manual means. Eg. turning off the power of various sections to disable the metal detectors, darkening out rooms to create confusion etc.
- Hitman - Melee combat, can subdue enemy, can steal clothes/access rights, disguise, firearms expert, explosives, disable electronics.
- Insider/mole - Has a job/skills relevant to the insider job. Staff, low level Security guard etc. Excellent for stealing access rights, manipulating the situation and helping Hitmen and hackers enter security zones. Could potentially be a too powerful class. Depends on a lot of factors.

The Hitmen team is starting out unarmed. It is a sub goal to obtain weapons from specific pick up points in the level.
And smuggle them beyond security borders to take out the VIP target.

The Hitmen team will be able to create diversions to attract the attention of the Security team. Could be starting a fight, falsely triggering a metal detector, turning off the light, starting a fire, dressing up a silly clown or what ever it takes to slip by security unnoticed in the slipstream of chaos.
The diversions will affect the NPCs and Security differently depending on the type and scale of diversion.

**Edit update. One idea to have recognizeable player characters in the game, is to "cheat". By showing the fanzy character for the player only. Eg it shows superman. But for the Security team it shows a generic character they can't easily identify.

And death is permanent in the game session. There are no respawns. Only the pool of AI-avatars to control.

So this concludes the HITMEN concept for now. In my head it could be a pretty awesome game. One thing is theory. Another is execution and the real world. But hope you have enjoyed my little imagination ride in Hitmen land. :)

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Posted: 13 Jul 2020, 22:20
by ZeroHero
You have certainly put some thoughts into this.

When are we going to start developing it? :-)

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Posted: 15 Jul 2020, 15:02
Hehe @ZeroHero Probably never! :)