Looking for internship - Spring 2020 (UNPAID!)

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Looking for internship - Spring 2020 (UNPAID!)

Unread post by ACL_Game » 26 Nov 2019, 12:57

Hello there, my name is Christian!

I'm currently finishing my bachelor’s degree in game design at KADK in Copenhagen and I'm therefore looking for a full time internship. The internship would start February 2020 and last for 4 months in association with the school and is therefore unpaid. (Free work, woho!)

I mostly work with 3D titles and I have made a list of relevant skills showing some of my competences and software knowledge below. If you would like to see some of my previous work you can find my portfolio at the end of the list.

  • Experienced Unity user

    3+ years experience working with Unity
    Quick and effective prototyping skills using C# and Playmaker
    Overall good understanding of the software and its features
    Debugging and optimization
    Experience using Vuforia AR for mobile
    Particle effect wizard
  • 3D Skills and Knowledge

    Good understanding of 3D pipelines and principles, can go from concept to final implementation
    Avid Blender user including skills in: modelling, sculpting, unwrapping, re-topology, texturing, rigging, simulations and rendering
    Good understanding of Substance Painter
    Intermediate animation skills
    Intermediate ZBrush user
  • 2D Skills

    Experienced Photoshop user
    Texture, concept and reference creation
    Above intermediate photo-bashing skills for textures and concepts
    Pixel art creation and animation
    Intermediate Illustrator skills for creating UI

Portfolio: https://aclgamedesign.com/

If you are interested or wish to know more, please contact me at the email below and I will get back to you!

Hope to hear from you lovely people soon!

All the best - Christian

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