[Unpaid] - Marketing and communication manager

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[Unpaid] - Marketing and communication manager

Unread post by Tabu » 23 Aug 2012, 22:05

Are you our new colleague or partner?

We are a 3 man independent game company looking to expand.
We are in need of someone to handle our external communication (including investors/fundraising) and to take care of the promotion of our brand and products.

Since we are a small company, it is important that you are flexible, unafraid of taking on tasks that lie outside your core competencies, and ready to chip in wherever you can.
It does not matter if you are a student, between jobs or a full time employee; we are looking for someone with passion, drive and the desire to make things happen.

This is an unpaid, part time, position that requires you to put in a minimum of 5 hours a week, and is therefore possible to fill, alongside other jobs/projects.

Job responsibilities:
- Preparation for- and participation in, conferences and shows.
- Fund raising / Establishing contact to investors.
- Keeping our website up to date with news information about our products and company.
- Actively use social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote us.
- Writing of press material / Contact with media (Digital and Analogue Media, video sites etc.)
- Creating and executing marketing campaigns.

Required skills:
- 'Self propelled' - able to work independently and get things done on time.
- A passion for marketing.
- A passion for gaming and game development.
- Great communication skills (Written and verbal).
- Perfect English ability (Written and verbal).

Bonus skills:
- Accounting
- Experience with creating business plans.
- Experience in project management
- Additional language proficiencies (German/French/etc.)
- Experience in game development.

We believe that interpersonal chemistry and communication are far more important than raw skills, which makes it important that you can say yes to the following:

- Positive attitude and 'yes we can!' mentality.
- Credible and accountable - you do what you say, and say what you mean.

We all have full time jobs alongside our activity in Reality Lag, are 100% self-financed, and currently work here unpaid. Our long-term goals are to change that, by turning Reality Lag into a profitable business - something we hope you will help us achieve.

For more informations about the position, email us at: info@realitylag.com or go to our website: http://realitylag.com
Applications should be submitted to: join@realitylag.com

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Re: [Unpaid] - Marketing and communication manager

Unread post by Tabu » 26 Sep 2012, 18:08

We found the perfect person for the position :)
Thanks for the interest!

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