Software engineer – Client, tools, and technology
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Software engineer – Client, tools, and technology

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At Tactile Entertainment we are looking for a software engineer with a strong knowledge of mobile game development to join our team.

You will join a team of both gameplay focused engineers and technically minded engineers. You will get the opportunity to work on a very broad range of tasks related to maintaining/updating existing client technology and tools stack, implementing new features in our shared code base, updating existing SDKs, and tools.

We use Unity3D to develop our games and we expect our engineers to have impeccable knowledge of using and extending Unity3D to fully support the entire team of artists, level designers and co-engineers.

General Responsibilities
  • ● Working closely with CTO to maintain/update existing technology and tools stack
    ● Maintaining shared code base and working across projects to ensure shared code is updated regularly
    ● Maintaining build server as part of updating client technology and tools stack.
    ● Generally working on improving workflow for game projects
  • ● experience with working in Unity3D
    ● experience with mobile games in Unity3D (iOS and/or Android)
    ● excellent knowledge of C#
    ● strong 3D math and dynamics skills
    ● great attention to detail
    ● be independent and pro-active
    ● team player
Major Pluses
  • ● experience with collaborating on medium to large scale projects
    ● experience with Objective C, Java or C/C++

The position is for full time employment, on-site and starting as soon as possible.

Applications must be sent to

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