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3D Artist Looking For Opportunities

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3D Artist Looking For Opportunities

Unread post by kiril5rov » 03 Aug 2018, 12:46

Hey there,

My name is Kiril, I'm a 3D artist currently living in Aalborg. I'm looking for any permanent/part time or freelance jobs preferably in the gaming industry.
  • What I can offer:
  • Produce game ready 3D assets.
  • Create high-res art for promotion.
  • Help develop game/art/level ideas.
  • Texturing (pbr, handpaited, stylized).
  • Rendering.
  • Rigging.
  • Skinning.
I also love working weekends and nights.




Feel free to contact me on or check out my blog to see what I'm working on

Best Regards
Kiril Petrov

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