We are looking for an Art Director to join our new game studio

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We are looking for an Art Director to join our new game studio

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We are Audacity Interactive, a brand-new game studio dedicated to delivering narrative roleplaying experiences. We are currently developing a tactical RPG set in a medieval fantasy setting inspired by a Southern European tone and feel.

The project is coming along well in terms of programming, design, writing and sound, with four people currently working on the game. But we are missing a person to set the artistic direction and to take on the overall responsibility for the game’s visuals.

We are looking for someone who can set the artistic direction, provide conceptualizations hereof and produce at least one or two of the asset groups that we need for our current game.

These include:
• Concept art visualizing the overall fantasy aesthetic of the game.
• 2D character portraits for dialogue scenes.
• 2D environment backgrounds for dialogue scenes
• UI for strategy maps, dialogue and base menu
• 3D character models for the strategy maps
• 3D environmental assets for the strategy maps.

We want you to join us on the journey from small start-up to ambitious studio. This is not meant to be a one-project engagement. We want you take on managerial responsibility by becoming part of the management team and to provide input on our vision for the future. We offer a professional and ambitious work environment with a friendly and open culture.

We are engaged in a dedicated process of applying for soft funding and venture capital but have not received any funding yet. This means that we are working part-time on the side to cover our expenses. You should be able to do the same, until we succeed in securing investments. Unique aesthetics and strong visuals play a crucial role in telling our story to potential investors, so your contributions will be propelling the project forward.

We plan to be self-financed after our first game and have a dedicated PR and Marketing professional on the team to ensure that. The game is set for release mid 2020.

If you are interested or if you have any questions, contact:
Kristian Mols Rasmussen
Creative Director
+45 20 74 85 72

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