Experienced Unity Dev looking for new opportunities!

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Experienced Unity Dev looking for new opportunities!

Unread post by ktorgard » 11 Dec 2020, 17:07

Hey everyone,

I'm currently looking for the right new home to make games in. I've been paid to program things for nearly a decade, the past five years almost exclusively making games in Unity. The last year I worked mainly with systemic AI at framebunker and before that I did a little bit of everything on Cosmic Top Secret, and a bunch of smaller projects and freelancing in between.

What I do:
I've been around most aspects of Unity game development, and pride myself on quickly researching and picking up new tech as needed. As I've mostly worked on indie games I'm used to working in smaller teams with close cooperation across different fields and levels of experience.

Over the years I've worked with:
  • All sorts of game mechanic prototyping and development
  • Custom, novel controls
  • AI systems
  • Asset management
  • Custom editor tools
  • Mobile optimization, VR and more.
  • Games released on PC, iOS, Android and Web

What I hope for:
To be a part of honest, creative projects where we're not afraid of technical challenges and wont be ashamed of pointing at the result and going "We made that!"

I prefer something long-term near Copenhagen, but I'm open to remote and freelance for the right projects.

If you think you could use someone like me for games or other creative projects get in touch!

CV: https://aergia.dk/CV-KTorgard-2020.pdf

(Danish is fine too!)

Kristian Torgard


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