Start-up looking for Concept & Character Artist

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Start-up looking for Concept & Character Artist

Unread post by Philip Wittendorff » 10 Mar 2021, 22:23

Job Description
We are looking for an experienced Concept Artist to join our team. As a Concept Artist, you will create concept art for characters, environments, mobs and in-game items. You will work closely with the rest of our team daily, be a part of the decision-making unit and have a genuine chance to contribute to our final product that we envision are competitive to achieve our vision about international success. If you want to be a core member of a fast-growing startup, you’re just the person we are looking for!

Key responsibilities:
• Create and iterate digital concept designs and environments to help shape the look and feel of the game from a given lore.
• Design hardsurface/mechanical characters and creatures with multiple modular pieces.
• Develop characters and creatures from concept to fully textured 3D models.
• Rig both humanoid and non-humanoid characters and creatures.
• Animate characters and creatures and create animation clips to complement procedural animations.

We expect you to master at least:
• Digital concept art.
• Creating character and creature designs.
• Developing characters and creatures from concept art.
• Working with Maya/3ds Max, ZBrush and Substance Painter.

It is an advantage if you also have experience with:
• Rigging characters and creatures.
• Animating characters and creatures.
• Developing to/working with Unity.
• Creating hardsurface/mechanical designs/models.
• Designing smart materials.
• Designing materials and textures in Substance Designer.
• Working with procedural animations.
• Making LOD character models.

We expect your persona to at least consist of:
• An entrepreneurial mindset which is reflected in your daily behavior as well as your working approach.
• Being a self-starter with a strong driving force, striving for continuous improvement and work well around weekly deadlines.
• A desire to be a part of a startup with a changing every day full of challenges and aware of the risks that belongs.
• A team player who can work independently with the ability to engage in a small team.

The startup:
We have just launched our company and currently we are in the process of getting our first financial funding. Once the funding has been granted we will start to expand our team. We aim for hiring 2-3 employees in the first half year and aim to have our beta product ready within 18 months.
Currently the team exists of our two founder CEO, Philip and CTO, Mathias. One of our forces is that we have a different skill set to each other which gives us a competitive advantage in the market. Therefor we are also looking for people who owns a skillset that we don’t master ourselves.

The job will take place in Copenhagen.

Interviews will be conducted on an ongoing basis until we find the right candidate.

If you find it interesting or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please attach your portfolio to your application. The application can be in both Danish and English.

Send application to:

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