[CLOSED] Half Past Yellow is hiring a 3D Artist

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[CLOSED] Half Past Yellow is hiring a 3D Artist

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Edit 06/04/21: This position is now closed to new applications. We hope to get back to everyone who applied as soon as possible.

Do you enjoy putting interesting visual twists on otherwise boring objects?
Do you want to find out what we can "get away with" visually even though it's a bit weird but still happens to work out just right?

Then this is the position for you!

Job Description
As our new 3D artist, you will be focused on modelling and texturing environment assets and props, then bringing them into the engine to confirm everything is working as it should. Our latest project relies heavily on environmental storytelling to aid in communication and directing the player so you will be working closely with the game designer and lead artist in order to craft a coherent and visually interesting game experience.
Although our current project does have an established art style at this point, there is a lot of room for creative expression within your role and you will have the ability to design and create the look, feel, and story of the environment and props. For a better idea about the game's art style check out our Instagram/Twitter/Blog.

Our Pipeline
As a studio we use Blender to create 3D assets and then Photoshop/Krita to texture them. The game features a fairly low poly style with smart UVing used to get the most out of compact, painterly textures. We have custom shaders in Unity that make the assets pop in the engine.

Necessary Skills
- Stylized 3D Art Experience
- 3D Modelling
- UV mapping
- Texturing (texture painting in a program of your choice, photoshop/krita/etc.)
- Game Engine Experience

Bonus Skills
- Blender
- Basic Skinning and Rigging
- Unity3D
- Particle FX Experience
- Source Control Experience (e.g. sourcetree, git extensions, etc.)

Other considerations
- You have strong independence and take ownership of your tasks
- You are driven to produce quality work and to continuously improve
- You actively engage in and promote a work culture of collaboration, mutual respect and creativity

- 37 hour work week
- Mid-April expected start

About Us
At Half Past Yellow we strongly believe that interesting, talented people will tend to make great, innovative experiences. As a small team and a tight-knit group, we generally look for someone that can bring fresh ideas to the games we make and join us in challenging each other to be better.
We're a diverse, international bunch with greatly varying interests and are looking for another unique voice to help shape the things we make, could it be yours?

Apply Here!

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