Looking for a programmer - 2D project

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Looking for a programmer - 2D project

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I'll cut right to the chase.
I'm a Danish, passionate 2D artist and game design student located in Copenhagen, Denmark and I'm looking for a programmer to team up with in order to start working on a 2D pixel art sandbox rpg.

This project is still only in the idea/concept phase, but is basically supposed to become a 2D sidescrolling sandbox RPG with fine attention to game theory, design and mood.
The game will greatly be inspired by games such as Terraria, Minecraft and Starbound so if you have interest in any of the mentioned titles, then that is a big plus!
Further details about plot and mechanics can be explained in private chat.

Who are you?

- You're not expected to be a previous Tripple A developer with years of experience in your backpack, but I do expect you to be passionate programmer and have some ideas of how to go about coding games (preferably in Unity but other will work as well).
- You're somewhat familiar or even better, enjoy sandbox RPGs such as Terraria, Minecraft, Starbound, Don't Starve etc.
- You dont see criticism as a bad thing and are generally speaking mature and professional about teamwork.

If you're still reading this and find the project appealing, then feel free to write a message with a little bit of information about yourself and/or if you have any question regarding the project or about me.

Also!! - This is a non paid job but will of course be so if profit is made.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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