UDU - Hiring a Lead Grafic Designer

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UDU - Hiring a Lead Grafic Designer

Unread post by Asbjørn_UDU » 08 Apr 2021, 14:42

Apply at: https://thehub.io/jobs/606edf59c5b717064c2fff73

UDU is an innovative game/tech startup founded with the purpose of helping kids become more physically active. Our goal is to create the world’s best mobile gaming experiences where you are active and engaged, outdoors. That is why we develop the world's first motion controller for mobile gaming and the first free mobile game that comes with it.

Now we are looking for a Lead Graphic Designer to join the UDU-team and be in charge of the game graphics, art style and character/asset design. A skilled and ambitious game artist with a passion to build the world's coolest mobile gaming experience. If you are a person that is driven by making brilliant game graphics and want to lead the future of mobile gaming, please reach out! (Must be living in or around Copenhagen, Denmark)

Haaave you met UDU? 🚀
UDU was founded by two product engineers from DTU, Asbjørn Høj Christensen and Marius Helmer Larsen, who met at LEGO. Today the UDU team consists of six talented people with experience in game design, product development and business development.

In 2021 UDU will be making the product ready for mass production, and by the end of the year go live with a blast of a crowdfunding campaign. Parallel to this, we will be developing the first mobile game for the controller with an internal game development team. We just raised funding for all this to be possible and will be expanding the UDU-team extensively throughout the year.

The job 🏄‍♂️
UDU is looking for a Lead Graphic Designer with experience in:

- Art direction and art style development
- Character and game asset design
- 2D game graphics
- 3D modelling (Maya, Blender or similar)
- Animations and rigging
- Texturing and UV mapping (Adobe - PS & AI)
- Unity

We offer 💎
- A key position in one of Denmark's most playful, cool and innovative tech/software startups.
- The opportunity to become a part of a team with skilled product engineers, game designers, software developers and
- Exciting, meaningful and value-creating works tasks every day with all the responsibility you can handle.
- Competitive compensation package with a salary combined with shares

For more information about UDU, see: www.udu.dk

If you want to hear more and could be interested in becoming a part of the UDU-team, please get in touch or visit us for a coffee at our new offices in BLOXHUB!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

/Asbjørn - CEO & Co-founder

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