Hapti.co is looking for a Graphics Artist (CLOSED)

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Hapti.co is looking for a Graphics Artist (CLOSED)

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NB! This position has now been filled, and the application process is CLOSED.

We're looking for a graphics artist (contract position) at Hapti.co to create awesome characters and exciting locations. Are you our new colleague, or do you know someone?


Graphics Artist (Contract)

This is a 6 month contract position, and can potentially be extended.


We are looking for a graphics artist to join a new project that is just starting up. You will get the chance to help set the visual style of the game, as well as create the artwork for the initial prototypes and the first live version of the game.

The job will primarily focus on the creation of 2D character and item art, and isometric objects. You will also build up scenes using the isometric objects.

There might be other tasks along the way, such as UI elements or marketing materials. Our teams are small, so you are expected to have a 'generalist' attitude, willing and able to handle different types of tasks as they crop up.


You should be proficient in the use of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and have a good understanding of form, color, and composition. Previous experience with game development, either professionally or as side projects, is a plus.

You will be working as part of a team, so we expect you to have good communication and collaboration skills. Live projects can get busy, and at times there will be a lot going on, so you should be able to multitask and manage deadlines.

Bonus Points

Working experience with casual games is a bonus, as is experience in 2D animation. Technical knowledge of Perforce and 3D Studio Max can be a help as well.

Apply now by writing to jobs@hapti.co!
Please include a cover letter, CV, and examples of (or links to) previous work - particularly 2D character art and/or isometric artwork.
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