Searching for internship. (School internship, one week)

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Searching for internship. (School internship, one week)

Unread post by Patrouge » 02 Aug 2018, 21:41

Hello, my name is Patrick and I am a 9th grade student and I am trying to find an internship for me in the 40th week this year (folkeskolepraktik én uge)

I have always had an interest for programming and have tried to program a few games myself.

I have got a lot of my experience through websites as and

I have tried programming in C# in Unity, where I got a lot of my experience.

So if anybody are ready to take me in consideration for one week internship, in the 40th week, then it would be nice if I could learn more about the game making community and more about working on a game.

If interested please reply on this message earliest possible.

Best regards
Patrick Handberg Jessen.

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