Possible(!) position for a 2D pixel-expert

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Possible(!) position for a 2D pixel-expert

Unread post by Needo » 02 Oct 2018, 14:14


We’re currently investigating the possibilities of getting another artist to help us improve/polish the general graphics of our current game – Mechanic Miner.

We currently do not have the financial means to hire another artist. This means that we currently DON’T have an open position, but will seek out the funding to make one if the right applicant (with the right ideas) should appear. The position could either be project-based, work for hire or permanent depending on what makes sense in the given situation.

To get a general idea of the current graphical state of Mechanic Miner, please look at the Trailer or alternatively search YouTube for content of Mechanic Miner.

So, here’s the deal:
We’re seeking a somewhat expert in pixel-art to help us improve the current graphics in Mechanic Miner without compromising the overall graphical style. Even though we’re happy with the current style, we feel like there’s much room for improvement – although we can’t exactly put a finger on what these improvements would involve. So, what we’re looking for is an artist to identify and solve issues with our current graphics.

As mentioned before, the existence of this position relies on the applicant and his/her ideas, so if you already have something in mind, we would love to hear your ideas!

Feel free to comment in the section below, mail us on needo@mechanicminer.com or contact me directly on our Discord (name: HappyNeedo) if you have any questions or just want an informal talk. Also, portfolios are very much appreciated!

Needo (Community Manager at Mechanic Miner)


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